St Paul's Pre-School St Paul's Church, Main Road, Brockenhurst, Hampshire, SO42 7WT

Inspection date Previous inspection date 21 February 2018 Not applicable

The quality and standards of the early years provision This inspection: Good 2 Previous inspection: Not applicable

Effectiveness of the leadership and management Good 2

Quality of teaching, learning and assessment Good 2

Personal development, behaviour and welfare Good 2

Outcomes for children Good 2

Summary of key findings for parents This provision is good .

 Children have good relationships with staff and each other. They behave well and show consideration towards others as they share and take turns in their play.

Staff know children well. They encourage their learning effectively overall by offering a good range of interesting, and stimulating, activities and experiences. Children make good progress in their learning.

 Staff support children's communication skills and mathematical development well.

 Staff continually share information with the parents to keep them well informed about their children's achievements and well-being.

 The manager, who is also the owner, has a positive attitude to developing the preschool and continues to evaluate how she can improve the service she provides for children.

St Paul’s Pre-School

Childcare and early years education for East Boldre, Beaulieu and surrounding areas.